Yes!!! The Place is Ours, Let the Designing Begin!

Living room staples, and the raddest shower curtain ever.   Couch and TV stand by IKEA, curtain and magnet board are from Wanelo.
Bedroom duvet ideas, all from Wanelo.
The bathroom!  Shower curtain from Wanelo and wall art by Giraffes and Stuff.
Possible fabric choices for curtains, all from IKEA.
Studio ideas, yes I will have my own place to write and create!!! Everything IKEA except wall art by you wanna talk jive.
Well, I guess you can see we got the go-ahead on the new place.  We sign the lease on Saturday and get keys on the tenth.  It's a celebration bitches!  It has a lot of potential, and I intend to take it to the next level, making it a more permanent home for John and I.  This moving around stuff is for the birds, as is the Inland Empire, period.  I went crazy last night (as you can see) drawing inspiration for our rooms, and beginning to think design ideas.  I pulled together a few things I LOVE, if you have any helpful suggestions for good ideas (if someone says the P-word I WILL KILL YOU), feel free to let me know!  I am also on the hunt for all things vintage and awesome to accompany new or refurbished items.  I think I may paint our old kitchen table mint, or yellow...or mint and yellow chevrons...

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