Who does your tattoos?

So I met Zak when he came into the restaurant bar one night, and I was literally obsessed with his girlfriend's tattoo on her neck.  I was absorbed by the detail, and especially the color choices.  It was a line of old school roses, just black and white with pink highlights.  After a few awkward silences, I got the nerve up to ask who did her work.

"He does." she said, pointing to her boyfriend.  He was heavily tatted as well, looking really cool. He reminded me of a young man trapped in an older,  more cool, grouchier guy's body.  He invited me to come over to his "spot" where he works.  He non-nonchalantly mentioned this was also his Grandma's house.

It may surprise you to find out I, up to this point, had never gotten a tattoo in a private residence, or at a party, as so so many people do.  When he explained he could tattoo a bow on my wrist the following week, I got really nervous.  I was instructed to just drop by his house after I was done working.

My mind went both ways for a bit, In a way I was apprehensive of getting tattooed at someones house, let alone where their grandma is right around the corner making spaghetti.  However, there was not one piece on either one of them that I absolutely did not DIE OVER.  I knew I had to balls up and go over there.

Of course I drug some girlfriends, and I have never been so glad I went in my whole life.  After being worked on by him, I could never have anyone else touch me ever again.  His ideas are brilliant, his creativity is borderline genius, and his personality is hilarious.  He has done my entire half-sleeve, and will finish my chest piece.  Now he is gainfully employed at a great, bonafide shop here in Corona, Sixth Street Tattoo.  I had not seen him in months, so we had a lot to catch up on.  We had so much fun last night I don't think I ever stopped laughing.


I approached him about a fox tattoo, and in true style, he blew my fucking mind.  If you are EVER in the Southern California area, you'd be an idiot not to stop by and get some art from him.  Even if you're not into tattoos, he is a brilliant and gifted painter as well as mixed media artist.

Please follow him on his Instagram if you're interested in his work, his band, or just busting a general gut.


  1. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this on IG, but this tattoo is so many forms of awesome. Thanks for sharing his story on your blog, I think that's really cool because so many amazing tattoo artists go unrecognized I feel. If I am ever in CA, I will definitely be hitting up you to get a tattoo with me and we'll go to him. Sound good? ;]
    ♥Emma Deer

    1. Girl, DONE!!! He is one of the most talented, genius, renaissance men I have ever met. He plays like EVERY instrument (kills it on stand up bass) and is only going to become a better artist (which I can't even imagine) with time.

  2. That tattoo looks so good on you, I really love it.


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