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Okay lately I have been making a lot of beautiful friends through the blogging world, and each one is so special to me, it makes my heart burst.  I'm not much of a Twitter girl, but man... Charissa from the smashbook has got me tweeting like a bird.  I was tagged the other day in a post very similar to this one, but just different enough to inspire me. Then, Lindsey over at Snapshots of a Beautiful Life, Charissa from the smashbook, Karen Hammonds,...all these awesome chicks came out of the wood work, all with different version of lists from their lives. 

My new blogging pal, Lindsey over at Snapshots of a Beautiful Life, tagged me in a post I felt encompassed all these little fun facts, experiences, concerns and sometimes issues.  So if you're not yet sick of me making numbered lists of self-indulgence, here you go.

vanity: If anything, I cannot live without my L'Oreal foundation.  I know this goes against every principle I have, since L'Oreal STILL does animal testing on some products, but that N1 is the ONLY fofoundation that works for me.  I am the honkiest   I have written L'Oreal for years, and I hope one day things will change.

to do list:: Today's photo shoot for my Etsy store, put everything together for the store, and take a MF'ing vacation because I am about to lose my shit.

itinerary: I am planning a MASSIVE road trip with John, starting here is Southern California, making our way up north to the City, hitting Oregon, Colorado and finally...Montana.

fantasy itinerary: I will go to Costa Rica to be with my sloths.  I WILL.

playlist: I am currently listening to Humans, the new JT (swoon), and my old, reliable Egyptian Lover...

nightstand: I need WATER, WATER, and MORE WATER in order to sleep.  I also like to eat things in bed and that really pleases John.  My nightstand may or may not have an empty yogurt container on it right now.

workout plan: I enjoy a workout routine I learned from my Aunt.  It's called: "brisk sitting."

iPhone: I have saved every text from my boo, gotta have my Pandora (of course), my stupid work scheduling app, and about 800 random pictures happily live there.  Plus, my case is badass.

bucket list: I will see the Scissor Sisters, Tegan and Sara, Michael McDonald and Adam Lambert before I die.  Yeah, I said Adam Lambert!

mind: I just want to get this Etsy store working, and get the hell out of this house.

liquor shelf: I serve enough liquor that I'm not really into drinking it.  However, sit a Tangerine Wheat made by Lost Coast in front of me, and I will ask for five more.

television: I am currently obsessed with Shameless, True Blood, Vikings,  Mad Men, Mob Wives, GIRLS, and ANYTHING RuPaul.

screensaver: I have a rotation of sloths, Morrissey and of course, this:

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