Maxtone's First Birthday

So, I have officially realized my age.  I am now going to children's birthday parties, and not because I am one.  My friends are having babies, some have like actual grown humans (weird) and they celebrate them (also weird).  I attended my first children's birthday party on Saturday, mostly because I love my friend Melissa so much and her baby (although the father is "questionable"---kidding Brad).  The theme was pirate dinosaur and the wind was extremely strong.  Oh yeah, and Des put a mustache on.  It was pretty rad for the fifteen minutes I was able to stay...stupid job.
this is my friend Amy, she rules

diggin' for treasure

Max's swag

proud parents, Melissa and Bradford
John holding up the tent, looking good babe!

my Des

best picture...EVER!!!

I want it noted that in this series of shots, Jeff never removes the knife from Des' neck

good lookin' fam

Happy Birthday Maxtone! 

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