It's About to Get Embarassing

So my buddy Autumn from the gypsybee  and I were having a riveting twitter covo over "guilty pleasures", since I was slamming the Eagles in my last post.  We both decided to get it all out there and divulge our... (drumroll please):

Top FIVE Guiltiest Pleasures

I'm sure that some of these will make you laugh, I'm not really sure if they all qualify under the "guilty pleasure" heading, but these are my go-to jams when I'm home alone, go to shows when no one else is paying attention (usually viewed or enjoyed when cleaning), weird stuff I do to comfort my anxieties, and I am most certainly hoping no one is listening or watching me when any of this is happening.

I had no idea how embarrassing this was going to be.  I began with probably the most INTELSY mortifying one, as I have pretty much memorized every episode, season and song choice.  Oh yeah, I watch The Glee Project too.  That L stands for "loser" by the way.

 No matter what mall I'm in, I must stop by the Sanrio store.  I have this strange, insatiable urge to smell all the plastic goodies inside.  For some reason, it has soothed me since I was a child.  I think that is because the smell is consistent, comforting and also because I am totally whacked out of my gourd.  


"All around the world on the microphone, leaving the booth smelling like Burberry cologne."  That's probably one of my favorite lyrics of his, although it's hard to choose.  I love him.  I want him to put his pinky finger right into that gold tooth of his and "clear these rumors, I've got a headache and it's not a tumor." 


This band is pretty much like Xanax for your ears, and when the real pharmaceuticals aren't around I trust in their hands to heal my anxieties.  I have learned pretty much every coordinated dance they have videotaped (yes, I am that girl) as well as praying that I could adopt a gay son just like Jake Shears.  Before I die, I WILL SEE THEM LIVE.  Also, no matter what they are doing, they look fucking fantastic.  End of story.  

John has been quoted as saying, "everyone on this show is stupid."  He's about right.  For some reason, I cannot turn away.  I get crazy pissed if I miss an episode, I follow everything that happens like it's gospel, I make John listen to some really boring stories about who everyone is.  He is so sweet, he indulges me.  He even does a pretty good Big Ang now.  



  1. This just made me love you that much more!! Though I'm not much of a Glee fan (to be honest, I've never really given it much of a chance) I personally love Disney movie soundtracks, specifically Little Mermaid and sing along to it often. Not guilty love for Little Mermaid is strong & proud ;)

    I fucking LOVE hello kitty. I don't know if you knew that about me, buuuut I do! I have a HK tattoo on my foot even...but WAIT there are Sanrio stores in every mall in the states?? Get outta here!! I would die. I've never been to one, we don't have those in Canada but holy shit that excites me! I would spend WAY too much $$ there.

    And lastly, I love Luda!!

    And yoooou xo

    1. I too, am obsessed with all things HK. Soon I'm going to blog about it! Girl, apparently I know what to send you in a care package. YOU HAVE NO SANRIO STORES!?!?!

  2. I LOVE the Scissor Sisters!!!!! Anytime I am in a funk I turn them on and instantly feel better, it's and instant dance party. I only know a couple people that have heard of them. You must see them live, I've been twice and it is such a blast.

    1. Seriously, huh? Every time I am bummed I play "I Can't Decide" or "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'". I want to get a tattoo of the lyric, "It's not easy having yourself a good time..." because it's a Scissor lyric as well as a quote from Rocky Horror.

  3. I will admit that I have music from Glee on my iPhone!


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