Sponsor Feature: Meet Bethany from the Sepia Puppy!

Dear Readers!  It's been high time I introduce you to one of my favorite blogs, blog writers, and all around fantastic person: Bethany Kline.  She has the been the FIRST and probably most prolific supporter of my blog since it's inception.  Her brilliance, wit and charms help me make it through everyday.  I thought this was also an excellent way to showcase the way a vehement atheist and a Christian can have a meaningful, wondrous friendship, without having to involve discussion of our personal faiths at all, especially after all the BS I dealt with yesterday on IG.  Bethany has been there for me, regardless of the circumstance, and I think that makes her pretty damn special.  Plus, she made me a fox scarf.  Just Kidding!  No, I mean she really did...but that's not the only reason I love her.

I'm Bethany and I am the creator of The Sepia PuppyThe Sepia Puppy is a Tribute to my favorite animal, the cuttlefish.  I think they are freakin' adorable {like puppies!!}, and they are crazy smart and versatile.  They are also the source of Sepia ink.  So there you have it:  The Sepia Puppy.

Where are you from? Where do you live?
I grew up about 20 minutes from Atlanta, GA, but now I live in podunk little ol' Louisville GA.  I love living in the country and having privacy and space.  

What do you blog about?

I blog about just about anything and everything.  I don't really have a set theme.  I blog my photography, my family life, food, crafts, DIY, crochet,, and so on... you name it, I blog it.  I love taking pictures and I love creating or recreating things, and I run a very photo-heavy blog! I like to be thorough with out being boring.

What are some of your hobbies or interest outside of the blogosphere?

I love crocheting, it has gotten to the point where I can't just watch TV anymore, my hands get bored without a hook in them.  I love taking pictures and finding beauty in things we normally look over.  I love being a dork and playing video games with my kids and husband and spending time with my Dad.  I love driving, and I look for any excuse I can to get out of the house and behind the wheel.  I also have a weakness for shopping... especially at Target, I could spend days in there.

Tell us more about yourself.

My blogging style I would say is casual, You have to be fast and easy to get people to sit down and want to read your words.  I like reaching people and hopefully making a difference in their lives, even if it is tiny, minuscule even.  I am going to school online between all my wife and mommy duties so that I can become a psychologist, specializing in marriage/couples and Christian counseling, I am passionate about helping people be better, and love better.  I have 2 kids {for now ;-)} Tristan, 8, and Grace (or "Bunny" as we call her), 2.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and we are so dorky in love it's just stupid, we could literally spend every waking moment together, if it didn't mean we wouldn't get a single thing done.  We have a huge dopey dog named Maggie {She's an Irish Wolfhound} and she is as lovely as she is clumsy and a Poly-dactyl cat named Claymore who we just generally love laughing at because his feet are so ridiculous, but he's a sweety.  I am obsessed with all things cephalopod, and thusly my blog "mascot" is a cuttlefish (my personal fave) I love them.  
SO, get your happy ass over to The Sepia Puppy!

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