Happy Happy Happy!

boots: Target dress: Wal_mart bangles, Lolita frames: Tumbleweeds HC plugs: body Jewelry Source

peep my rad rings from Rebel, my engagement ring was my mother's

homemade tattoos are always the best
 Today John got a new job!  I am so excited, it is a little farther than I would like, but all the more motivation for us to move out of Corona.  I'm already looking at cute little old houses in Whittier. I'm day dreaming of not getting yelled at at five am, because my cat accidentally knocked something over when she was scared.  I'd also never like to see a Metal Mullisha sticker again, and get back to regularly attending concerts at small, intimate venues.  I look forward to REAL craft fairs and record stores.  Oh boy.  I'm getting ahead of myself.  I thought I'd go ahead and update y'all on all my current happenings, as always, this, like so many cool things was stolen from Jess at Milky Robot.


RuPaul's Drag Race, of course, because it's getting down to the "Dragnificent Seven"!  Go Alaska!  I am also currently hooked on Shameless, shamelessly.

I'm on a good one for anything Smiths or Morrissey related, since having just seen him, but I'm also currently hooked on some old-school booty jams by Ludacris and wait for it...Missy Elliott.  I know I'm a late bloomer on Alabama Shakes,  but damn they are good.

Nerdbiskit giveaway time! I'm also looking very forward to featuring my friend Bethany and her blog, The Sepia Puppy.  She is making me an ADORABLE fox scarf, and as soon as it's ready I'll be doing all "all fox" post.  I am putting together care packages for a lot of pals, and slowly but surely, I am getting them out there. 

Getting contact lenses, that way I don't have to take all nine million of the frames I plan on buying from Tumbleweeds HC to the optometrist.  
Getting the hell out of here.

Emails, texts and Instagrams from the best friend a girl could have,  Rebel and the Railroader.
I am planning on shooting a DIY of something I am making for her, but she is so good at everything I'm too scared to even attempt it---but when I see and read all the dope stuff and awesome encouragement, I gotta do it.

Finding awesome dresses at Wal-Mart, my new iPhone case, and my man.


  1. Stop being so fkn haute bitch, you make me feel like a slump :* and i WANT your kicks. Shake dat ass!

    the rebel


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