Why is it SO HOT and Why are you SO DUMB?

It's ninety degrees and we're nowhere near the Caribbean seas.  I had an eventful morning, try to get all my errands done before the sun turned this hellhole into a sweltering jungle.  By the time John and I were ready to shoot today, it was already hotter than hell.  We're taking it easy today, after this post I'll be cracking some Pyramid Apricot Wheat and tuning the hell out.  I work the next six days. 

This seemed to be a difficult concept for a certain co-worker of mine to grasp...she texted me earlier asking me to work for her and I told her I could not, as I work the next six days.

Her: "You can work tonight, it's a new week."

Me: "Yes, I understand it's a new week.  I work the next six days after this."

Her: (literally) "No work ifs okay, I can pick up your Monday if you can pick up my on call."

Me: "Yes, I will pick up your on-call.  No I cannot work tonight, I still will have six shifts."

Her: "It's Wednesday, it's a new week."

Finally, I called her and with the patience of a gnat, and her with the intelligence of one, explained it one more time.  She proceeded to tell me her son has a baseball game tonight.  As far as I know, that still doesn't change the labor laws.  I'm pretty sure she still thinks I can work tonight and I'm just being a bitch.  And she's half-right.

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  1. how is it so stinking hot?! i thought it was unseasonably warm here at 75 degrees! yuck! Hope youre staying cool girl!

    <3 B


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