People, Let Me Tell You 'Bout my Best Friend and Fart Master

glasses: Tumbleweeds HC Lolita jacket: Old Navy cowl: Ross pin: gifted from my man

bangles: Tumbleweeds HC

Okay so I got the best mail from my buddy, Rebel, whom I cannot shut-up about, because she is so freaking rad!  I took this pictures of the leggings she made for me!  She also included some "Fort TP", which, if you're a regular reader, will kill you as much as it killed me.  It's no secret I have had some AWFUL luck with female friends, I can't seem to make them, I can't seem to keep them and I can't seem to stand them. 

Rebel is completely different.  We understand each other, and as two women, I think that is fucking awesome.  I have had nothing but "best friends" who have said derogatory things behind my back, slept with guys I was dating, or in some more recent cases, used me for all I was worth and then decided not to support me in my times of need.  How refreshing to finally have someone who loves me unconditionally, respects my opinion and likes to talk about dicks and farts as much as I do!    

As I'm writing this, she's texting me colors of leggings to select from so she can make me more just like this! HELLO!!! RAD!!!
made by the Rebel

She bought me these awesome rings at an estate sale, and made me a rice pillow for my "abdomen" although I've recently seen it "borrowed" by both my mom and dad.  Hands off! 

She made the sickest needlepoint/painting of my John, and turned Brad's "Ghetto Transition Lenses" into an actual marketable poster.  How could I ask for anything more?  Well, our "box trades" as we have tended to call them, are now happening bi-weekly, which will be an awesome pick-me-up to us both.  I think we both have some pretty serious stresses going on, and I could not be more grateful to have someone to laugh with.  Or at.  Fart Master.

Sidebar: GOT MY FIRST OF FOUR PAIRS FROM TUMBLWEEDS HC and it basically made my whole day! Thank you so much guys!


  1. I have always had the same problem with girls Allison. I have had so many "Best Friends" over the years that have done the same things to me. I just don't get it. :( I'm so sweet! Why are they so ugly to me?! well, we're both just pitiful I guess. I have found a couple really amazing friends since I have been blogging though, (you included obvi!) and it has made such a difference having people around that like me for my crazy! I need to get in on this awesome trade box gig!!!

    <3 B

  2. FIRST OF FOUR? Wow, lucky!!
    I have some and am obsessed! I am getting these ones next: & a mug!! They are so darn cute, and so are yoooou.


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