You Used to Be the Don Juan, Now Your Name is Just Tuan

i took this very artsy picture
 I'm in such a freaking great mood today! Even though one of our six dogs, Scraps, woke me up at 3:45 am, I am still in a great frame of mind.  I walked three dogs at about 5:15 am: Piddle, Boxer and Chivo, and all was quiet at the park.  I had a lot of time to think about all the rad new things that have been happening, or are about to happen.

I have to do this, otherwise I would go crazy.  My "work environment" is absolutely nightmarish right now, unfortunately I am not
here I am at it again
ooooooooooh, expression
currently able to elaborate on that, as it will harsh my mellow.  But don't worry, I'm sure after work tonight I'll have like thirteen great rants to go off on, instead of my usual five.

Also, I don't think I have gotten six straight hours of sleep in about two weeks.  This ASTOUNDS other members of my family.  These are the same people who stomp like pachyderms, slam doors repeatedly, grind coffee, run the food disposal and yell at each other, all at four in the morning.

SO! I am so stoked on my new followers, hello and welcome friends! I am proud to be a part of the GFC Collective, brought to my attention by my pal Heidi over at Antlers and Roses, an awesome way to hook up with new followers, meet cool bloggers, and basically get the word out there for new bloggers like me!

I thought I would steal an idea from my buddy Jess, over at MILKY ROBOT who always does this awesome "Currently" update, and I thought it was a great way to organize the rest of my thoughts, activities and stupid crap I worry about.



Okay I love TV.  DUCK DYNASTY PREMIERE YESTERDAY.  Hey Jack!  I love that show.  Sorry vegan friends!  I am currently obsessed with Shameless, and my guiltiest pleasure: Mob Wives.  That's right.  Haters want to hate.  I'm not so much into gLee as I used to be, and was less-than-moved by the last season of American Horror Story.  I hope season three is better.


I am going through a very heavy early nineties phase.  I can't stop listening to Pearl Jam Radio on My Pandora, as well as my Clash station.  However, I have also been dying over old Ice Cube and new Justin Timberlake.


My first giveaway/feature on the blog with CrochetSavy, and my second one with Nerdbiskit...more outfit posts, some DIYs and of course, a nap.

Stuff I need to make for my pals, crochet lessons and practice, finding a new job, getting the hell out of my parents' house, a new tattoo, buying something from Supayana, Bark Decor and Coral and Tusk.

THE MORRISSEY CONCERT TOMORROW NIGHT.  There is nothing else to think about.

I Don't Care About Your Band by Julie Klausner
Foam Magazine

  • My new BFF, "Grandma Neck" ahahhahahahha, no seriously finally I have a real friend, because I have none
  • that my baby is home with me for two days
  • new Episodes of Mad Men are coming soon
  • haircut tomorrow
  • did I mention the Morrissey concert already?
Thought you might like to see the picture I took (below) of what I thought was lemonade, but actually turned out to be "potato water" for potato bread my mom is making.  I fully put it on ice in a tumbler and took a giant swig.  I am an idiot.


  1. Grandma neck here, lmfao i heart your guts lady!!! rock my world and make my spring fever rage. Now i shall waste the day away checking out your links.... nerdbiskit lol that looks promising :)

    Xoxo the rebel

  2. I also am totally in love with Duck Dynasty! Can't get enough of it! Also, that whole potato water thing totally grossed me out. the recent stomach bug didn't help, yuck!

  3. oh and that peonie is to die for btw. they are my favorite


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