Shave and a Haircut, Two Hearts

I allow myself one day off from bar-tending.  We can work up to six days a week, and if I am not scheduled for six, I generally will pick up an extra shift.  Living with my parents right now has turned me into a cash hoarder (although I barely have $200 saved), and John's new job hasn't yet proved lucrative, so I must work.  I genuinely enjoy my job, but I also have a lot of challenges, chores and responsibilities at home, so subsequently it feel like I work two jobs. 

That being said, obviously John and I get very little time together.  Even though we are living in the same house, he works the graveyard shift, and I work at all hours of the day and night.  Today was special because we got a few minutes together.  John got his haircut at American Barber Shop here in Corona, and I made a much anticipated trip to Micheal's to get some stitch witchery.  Since my budget is so light lately, I am going to attempt to make some heart leggings on my own.  If things go well, I will put it up as a D.I.Y. here on the blog.

I decided to bring my camera with me today, to capture all the smooth moves John's barber- Oscar, makes.  He is an absolute doll, and he and John are incredibly similar.  Neither one are talkative, both are very quiet and shy.  I have seen entire haircuts go by where not a word is spoken.  The gist is achieved by mere nods of the head and smiles.  Something about this quiet symmetry and diligent work just blows my mind, especially done under what appears to be a vow of silence.

As I've said before, we live in the 'burbs, so our barber shop is in a well-stuccoed strip mall.  None the less, the decor is still awesome and the beer is still free.

hottest specimen ever waiting for Mr. Oscar

me reading the Wall Street Journal...just kidding it's the IE Weekly


I think this is the most they have ever spoken.


So check out Captain Sexy here, all done with his new "undercut".  It was inspired by Jack Antoff, not because we like the band fun. (we don't, we loathe them) but since Jack is Lena Dunham's boyfriend, I'll allow it.  It's nice to be with my baby, if even just for a few hours.  I'd like to thank Mr. Oscar and the shop for letting me be that dorky nerd with the camera, snapping away and making everyone uncomfortable!

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  1. this place looks fkn sweet! And i think I decided to make my own heart leggings too since $ has been tight and Wal-fart has leggings for all of $6. Let me know how yours turn out!!

    xo the Rebel


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