Welcome Back From Valentine's Hell

As many of you know, I work within the confines of a restaurant bar.  This time of year is equivocal to a retail employee's Black Friday.  It is a nightmare.   Last night I spent waxing nostalgic on all the fine complaints I had heard from patron's this year.  My favorite being: "You know this holiday was invented by the greeting card companies?  I've been married...been there, done that."  Awesome sir.  Thank you.  What one has to do with the other, I'm not sure.  Why I don't drop a note that says, "RUN!" on your date's plate, I'm not sure.  Why I still work here, I'm not sure. 

So, I decided to unveil a few pictures from a little shoot we did here in the backyard...ones I was not going to use but decided to because they are hilarious!  I was dying over the fact that my dress had shrunk so much post-washing and in half the pictures my Spanx were in the shot.  Rad!  I also almost fell into the pool in several pictures, which would have been awesome, considering it was a cool 60 degrees. 

Awesome new happenings on the blog include, but are never limited too:

My sweet friend and inspiration, Rebecca Caridad: the lady behind Manzanita (and so much more) has an awesome ad-swap going on with me this month.  Please check out her blog, and sign up to be notified when her Etsy store re-opens.  Her style is often imitated but never duplicated.  You will see me wearing a lot of her creations on this blog and of course, in my real life!

I will have my first giveaway on the blog soon!  My pal Brittany from Crochet Savy has agreed to giveaway one of her awesome Rosette headbands in ANY COLOR to a lucky reader.  Go check her shop out now and start drooling, then later this week check-in and sign up for the giveaway!

Finally, one of my best friends and true "doll", Miss Angela Tannehill, will be guest blogging here very soon.  She is a talented author and hilarious storyteller.  Truly inspiring stuff!  I'll be back in the saddle here shortly, with plenty of new yarns to spin for you.

boots: Blowfish shoes dress: Target sweater: Target necklace: Sophia Zuno plugs: Body Jewelry Source

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