Monday Morning Must Haves

Now that my work week is coming to a close, I am eagerly awaiting a few days off...a little shopping and of course, relaxation.  I have a weakness for a few powerful things: eye-glasses (both sunglasses and regular)...I am nearsighted, so I need them at all times.  These are the ones I am currently coveting from Tumbleweeds.

I messaged them, and they were kind of enough to respond within about ten seconds.  Turns out, I can bring these to my optometrist and get my Rx put in.  Hallelujah!

My Instagram has been flooded lately with pictures of people I admire sporting gear from an awesome company: hello.  I am coveting their leggings big time.  These ones with the hearts, in addition to other stuff I have seen on their site, literally has me up at night.

Those who are close to me know I have an unhealthy obsession with foxes and sloths.  When I saw this shirt from supayana I thought I might die.  The only thing is they also make it as a dress, and I have no idea which one I want more.

Finally, those of you who know me well, you know I bleed black and orange.  Imagine my shock when I found these on Etsy the other day.  I almost screamed aloud.  A voice in my head told me I might be able to do this myself, but I know I could never get it that perfect.  

I have a long day ahead of me, but I am so excited for the happenings on the blog later this week.  Stay tuned!


  1. Love all of these things! Happy Monday!

  2. I love those tights and that top! They are adorable.


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