Blue Dress

This is probably my proudest outfit shoot we've done so far.  John did an awesome job, because the weather yesterday was atrocious!  I finished making my heart leggings yesterday, look out for that post coming very soon!  I have a lot of new things coming soon to Okay, Allison! to "wet your bloggy whistle", so to speak.  Also, I have been working really hard on getting my Etsy store underway, I am hoping to take all the pictures today and tomorrow, and have the shop open by Monday. 

In further awesome news, it looks like I'll be taking crochet lessons soon!  Many of you know I am a passionate loom knitter, but my dream has always to become a crochet goddess!  I'm having a meeting with my soon-to-be teacher, Amy, tomorrow, and she seems super sweet.  Living in the Inland Empire, it's so hard to find other creatively-minded people to hang with.  If my interests included going to the "River", Glamis, MMA, or drinking Bud Light, I'd be lousy with friends.  Perhaps if I put on some PINK gear and go to the UFC gym, I'll find another girl who likes to knit and loves puppies.  Probably not.

dress: Pure Energy boots: UO belt: H&M bracelets: Hawaiian heirloom glasses: ARMY eyewear


  1. Great blue dress and I adore your cupcake tattoo!

  2. Hi, i am you newest follower!! Bethany from The Sepia Puppy shot me your blog through an email. I absolutely love it. I love you style chicca!

    Lisa @ WWW.ONEBIGLUV.BLOGSPOT.COM ( do a drop by lady)

    1. Girl, thanks for all the love! I'd love to do an ad swap or a mutual feature...I really love your blog! xo ak

  3. I love love love this outfit on you! Those boots are out of this world amazing annnnnd you have the best tattoos lady!!


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