Buffalo Soldier

moccasins: Minnetonka dress: Pure Energy bracelets: heirloom necklace: thrifted plugs: Body Jewelry Source

 I have had these moccasins FOREVER.  I wore them almost daily when I was in college, they were the perfect addition to my dreadlocks and cut up t-shirt I decided to rock sans bra.  No, no pictures have survived from that era, so don't even ask.

I don't know what possessed me to lock my hair, but I am telling you it was one hell of a process.  Gina sat me down on the living room rug and teased the hell out of my hair until I felt my scalp would bleed.  Then she wrapped small pieces
with beeswax and rubber bands to secure the tips.  Then, she would tease and re-wrap, tease and re-wrap.

I wanted dreadlocks because honestly, I was high on class hours and very low on sleep.  Whenever I was not at school, I was at work.  Then, I had to come home and try to do homework while Gina tempted me with arts and crafts mixed with marijuana.  Impossible to resist!

 They grew in well, but between the looks I got
at school, as well as at work, I couldn't hang.  Gina (this is before she became world famous mind you) cut them off and the haircut she was able to create out of that awful mess was nothing short of a miracle.  She made me look hot.  I couldn't believe it.

Sometimes I think about locking my hair again, but then I wake up and realize that I'd rather eat a bag of glass than have my head smell like a mixture of poo and patchouli; ever, ever again.

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  1. everything about this post is so cute! you look adorable and so happy! I love it!

    <3 B @thesepiapuppy


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