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I have found my Mecca, and it is Savage Seeds. 

I have been rather depressed lately, due to the fact that I am experiencing a little bit of what I am calling, "The First Month Blues", where I feel completely alone and inadequate in a new city.  I did not express to anyone how my new job was going, because to be perfectly honest, it was a struggle.  I just did not feel like I belonged there at all.  Many servers will tell you that you are, "either cut out for fine dining, or not." 

Well, guess who isn't?  Me.  I'm going to leave it at that, because I need my job.  I decided I had to find something else to supplement my income, so I started trolling the old Craigslist like a champ.  Okay, let it be known: THERE ARE NO JOBS IN LONG BEACH.  Unless you are qualified to be the city comptroller, or a sheet metal installer...good luck.  

So I clicked on Orange County, because, let's face it, this whole mish-mash of LA sub-entities are all 
different things to different people, like...the border between Santa Ana and Costa Mesa starts...where exactly?  The first posting I saw was for my old job, where I worked about sheesh, five years ago?  It was within the same chain, just in an OC location.  I almost had a heart attack.  I trained their GM, and he kicks ass.  I could not dial the phone fast enough.  Today I brave the bus ride I know will become my life, and I don't care...I have a lot of looming to do.  Tonight, I will sign the papers that make me a part of a place I love, and people I have missed.  Wish me luck.  


  1. AH, this is the most darling shop ever! I love the sloth, I was so excited to see it featured in the shop!

    lindsey louise

  2. Aww cute fox plush!

    Good luck with job hunting my dear! I'm in the same boat and its frustrating the hell outta me :/ xx

  3. I love the sloth and good luck in the new city :-) I'm going to add your button to my blog...I'm not using Passion Fruit any more I'm just adding and swapping these days, feel free to grab mine.

  4. So FLATTERED! Thank you for sharing! XOX


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